We had the PERFECT beach picnic last weekend set up by The Picnic Style.

Kaylee M – Newport Beach, CA – 1/31/21

This was sooo dreamy! It was so relaxing, cannot wait to do this again! Thank you Julie.

Lauren S – Huntington Beach, CA – 1/31/21

Thank you for going the extra mile. It was a beautiful set up!

Melissa M – Newport Beach, CA – 2/14/21

Thank you The Picnic Style for the most perfect picnic date.

Michelle M – Newport Beach, CA – 2/21/21

THANK YOU so much for helping us with today’s celebrations! EVERYTHING was beautiful & perfect!

Melissa G – Laguna Beach, CA – 3/19/21

Eric and I had the pleasure of giving The Picnic Style a try two weeks ago! Truth be told, he and I don’t do many things outdoors together if it doesn’t involve turbos 🤣 so this was a nice change of pace!  Thoughtful touches to highlight were the speaker for jams, warm fuzzy blankets in case […]

Janey B – San Diego, CA – 3/27/21

Everything was perfect! Thank you for paying such close attention to detail!

Dominick F – Newport Beach, CA – 3/28/21

Thank you so much for the BEYOND GORGEOUS set up. I loved every detail you put into it!! You truly made this day so special for us.

Astrid J – Newport Beach, CA – 3/29/21

What a fun safari! We sniffed for puppuccinos, cupcakes, and treats. Today was so much fun, cannot wait to do it again! (This review was for our new Signature Pupnic Pawty)

Ynin P – Fountain Valley, CA – 4/12/21

Everything was perfect. We selected the Signature Boat Experience and had the best time on the water. We especially loved the balloons!

Cody K – Newport Beach, CA – 5/18/21

It was a blast. Yoga was fantastic, followed by a lovely picnic. Thank you so much.

Ingrid M – Newport Beach, CA – 5/30/21

We loved your gorgeous set up! So amazing! Thank you for everything.

Mr. Winston – Huntington Beach, CA – 6/1/1/21

It was honestly way more than expected. Everybody loved the details. You KILLED it!

Amanda P – Venice, CA – 6/12/21

I honestly felt like we were on an episode of Real Housewives. The set up was perfection.

Morgan C – Santa Monica, CA – 6/24/21

So special! It was such an easy, stress free, one of a kind experience. Thanks for the wonderful afternoon and for everything!

Kayla G – Huntington Beach, CA – 7/1/21

Thank you so much, we had an amazing time on the duffy. You did an amazing job!

Jenna S – Newport Beach, CA – 7/27/21

Thank you again, everything was perfect!

Amy T – Newport Beach, CA – 7/31/21

Thank you for making my birthday memorable! I loved the custom board.

Dounia – Newport Beach, CA – 8/1/21

I could not have asked for a better pawty set up!! Thank you The Picnic Style.

MisTricks – Huntington Beach, CA – 8/5/21

It was honestly so much more than we expected! We both loved it so much, thank you.

Jake C – Newport Beach, CA 9/4/21